Monday, May 2, 2011

Ethan and Aiden's 4th Birthday

Calling all Super Hero's

Four years ago Ceci called and me told me she was pregnant again I was so excited. Then a few weeks later she called and told me their were going to be 2 babies I was speechless. There was not a word that I could say. Crickets..........  She would always be the one to say to people "ha they are twins" to everyone who was pregnant playing around. I think the joke was on her. She and I can't imagine life without them. It feels like I just went to go see my little boys at the hospital. How time flies I can't believe 4 years has flown by like a blink of an eye. These boy are your typical active boys. Everything that has to do with trucks, dirt, running and so on they are it. It's funny one is some what quite and shy and the other is a flirt and not shy at all.  Since they are now into the total Super Hero theme. We did this years birthday as Batman, Spiderman, and Iron. I love this theme!! The momma had a fun time planning the party.


This was the kiddie tables. The buckets were filled with marshmallow pops. Each table had a different color pop representing each character. Blue and Red for Spiderman, Yellow and Black for Batman, and Red and Yellow for Ironman.

Cake done by Ceci. Isn't it just so cool? I love how the design just came out.
It was delicious. It was yellow cake with chocolate chips inside. Oh how yummy!

These we the goodie cups that were given. The girls had a little girly note pad with gums and the chocolate cover pretzels. The boys had a super hero coloring book with the same gummies and pretzels. These chocolate covered pretzels were yummy as well and simple to make.

The birthday banner one side had batman, the middle had a mix of colors with Ironman, and the other had spiderman.

These were the centerpieces for the cake tables. One tower for each birthday boy.
Super Hero Ethan and Aiden. They were made out of foam and each character was cutout and glued to the foam.

The pinata which was also use in the cake tale to decorate. Pinata made by Ceci.

Hope you all have a Super Hero day!



Designed by : Malu Boutiques and Ceci
Paper Goods by: Malu Boutiques
Cake: Ceci


Kori Clark said...

I love that cake and the centerpieces!! Good job!

Malu Boutiques said...

The cake was delish. Thank you Kori!