Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was just fantastic. I started my day with breakfast being made by my hubby and son. While the two of my favorite men cooked, my daughter and I opened my Mother's Day cards. Which I loved because they were handmade. (BIG SMILE)

 My son and hubby have a tradition every 1st Saturday of the month Home Depot and Lowes have a kids workshop.  Well this Saturday landed the day before Mother's Day and they dedicated it making a projects just for mommies. As you all know I love flowers and Albert (my son) made me a Tulip flower pot holder. It's adorable. Now it will be a project between him and I to paint.

Isn't it just darling? Can't wait to paint it with him. 

My daughter made me card, which mind you it was her version of what a card should be. She's only 2 and very much alive. The card that my daughter had made ended up in the garbage. She is a LOT like me. I'm always picking up, throwing things away, or putting everything away. Major OCD. The only way I  realized it, was when I went to pick up the table from breakfast. (Sad face) it's ok at least I saw it and enjoyed.

We decided to celebrate differently this year. I normally have a gathering at my house, but this year we went to visit everyone.

We went to my sister-in-laws house we took pictures of the kids and all the mommies with their kiddies. We had fun talking and enjoying appetizers while the kiddies we playing the room.

Then we went to my momma house. This year we celebrated it differently. My mom has been researching our Family Tree for some time now it has been a slow process that is still in the making as it is very time consuming and time is so precious these days that it makes it an even longer process.

So, this year we wanted to do something different we wanted to pay tribute to the Mom’s in our family the PAST ones some of which we had the pleasure of having had them in our lives and some of which through research although not with us have played a part of who we are today and the PRESENT ones that we are lucky enough to still have in our lives that have shaped our family tree.

Unfortunately my mommy and I didn't take any pictures. On the up side I had a wonderful time and my daddy made a killer meal.

Our small dessert table.

The name tags of all the fabulous women that we were so blessed to have old and new. In our family tree we also included my in laws side of the family as they are part of our family now. These tags are handmade and hand stamped.

Our Family Tree


Here are some of our yummy dessert and the plants that were bought for each of the mommies.


I hope that all Moms had a wonderful day .