Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Spring fling

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. This year I made a dessert table for my kids and our family. The morning was filled with goodies from the Easter bunny and brunch from the Honey Baked Ham. Oh did my kiddies enjoy it all. Normally everything in my house for Easter is pastel colors, but this year I wanted the colors to stand out. We had a Egg hunt after our brunch. Which was just to funny watching the kids run around looking for eggs. Once my kids picked up all the eggs my daughter wanted to continue searching for more eggs. Poor baby she was just so disappointed. Mind you she alone collected about 50 eggs. My son was so happy with the dessert table. It had cupcakes, peeps pops, jelly beans, cookies, marshmallows. He made sure that he would run around the table just to get he sweets.
Talk about a sugar rush.

Our Easter Dessert Table

Did you see these cutie bunnies on top? They are printables from Bird's Party.

Bird has beautiful printables and designs. On her blog she had a a tutorial on how to make these wonderful carrots. I just thought they would match our table perfectly. Here is the tutorial Bird's Party Blog. On her blog they were done with napkins and candy. I did these out of utensil and tulle.

Here are some of our yummy desserts and decor. There was so many beautiful Easter tables and wonderful ideas. I really enjoyed the Peep Pops. They looked so adorable on a stick don't they?

I'm in love with pinwheels now. I want them for everything. I'm sure a lot of you know who is Twirlie Whirlies. If you don't get to know her. Shannon is such a wonderful sweet lady with beautiful pinwheel designs. Can't wait to show you the other goodies she is working on for me. These pin wheels matched perfect!!! My kids loved them.

Did you see these adorable bunnies with flowers on their ears and bow-ties for the boys? Gene from Celebration-TODAY-The-superchick-way made them. I was just jumping up and down when I received them. Aren't they just fantastic!!???? Oh the cuteness is just to much.

 Well did you see what I used to hold my straws. They were a bunny jump suite goodie bag for my sons class. I had one left over. Oh gee I found a use for it! Lol  the colors were perfect for the table. Who knew!??

We found this recipe in one of our favorite cupcake magazines. Can you believe the little sticks are Chinese stick and frosting mixed? Don't they just look darling?
 They were yummy!!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your families and friends.



Twirlie Whirlies said...

What a beautiful Easter display, Maylene! I bet your kids were on Cloud 9! Thank you for the lovely mention as well xo

Jill {peasandthankyous} said...

Boy don't ever tell my kids that moms do this for holidays, I would be in big trouble!! Looks awesome Maylene, I bet your kids were in heaven!

Malu Boutiques said...

My kids had a blast and yes they were in heaven. The sugar rush was fun too. LOL. Thank you Shannon and Jill.

I'll keep a secret Jill. Lips sealed.

Anonymous said...

The colours look fantastic ,you did an amazing job :-)

Malu Boutiques said...

Thank you!