Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspirational Wednesday {Alice in Wonderland}

I've been looking at Alice in Wonderland themes now for a little over a year. I have been saving pictures for a while now and I'm sharing with you some of my most favorites. The details that one can really put in is just outrageous. This them can be in bright colors or pastels and still look vibrate.

These chairs are just beautiful. I love the colors and the deets with rhinestones and glitter. If my daughter would see this and automatically yell PRETTY!!!!!

Do you see these colors how the stand out? Mixing the brights are just wonderful and the flowers are a classic touch.
By far this was the best part. I love the carousel horse. I use to have one as kid and LOVED it!

Found via: Jessica Claire 

Do you see what I mean with the color scheme. Brights or Pastels this theme still just looks gorgeous. I'm a huge tea party person. I also love to collect Tea Cups. Do you see the designs in these? Just look at the cake. Classic and Elegant.

I can't wait to have a Alice in Wonderland party for my daughter, but she is still too tiny. Soon tick tock tick tock.
Hope you have a Wonderland Wednesday.