Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bienvenue à Paris

Bienvenue à Paris!

I'm so excited!! My birthday is tomorrow Thursday, February 24, but celebrating on Saturday. I have an obession apparently over Paris. In my home you will find many different decor of Paris. LOL I think I'm trying to tell my hubby something without me knowing it. I can't wait to share with you all the goodies and yummy treats that were done. Oh and the flowers I LOVE flowers. This party does have a couple wonderful vendors who helped us with there talents. I hope you all stay tune.

In the mean time this is a sneak peak.

Have a wonderful night

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Loves Cake

I decided to write a little earlier than normal.
Today I'm going introduce to my Partner and Crime. 
My best friend for over 15 years now. We have been thru a lot together and love her like a sister. I wanted to share with you all of her fantastic cakes! Who doesn't love cake? Cakes are just beautiful and when so much work is put into them they are just breath taking. Cupcakes are just to darn cute. I've tried to decorate them and it's a workout. Not my forte Ha! I love all the details her cakes have and they have tons of details. Cecilia Borges is my baker, best friend, and sister. She has been making cakes now for about 4 plus years and they are absolutely DELICIOUS and GORGEOUS! If you live in MIAMI, FL you can agree with me. Ceci is so talented, very crafty, and an AWESOME mom. Did I mention also she's also great in home decor, my list can go on. In the last photo shoot the cupcakes that were done for The Vintage Baby Girl were just darling.  

Beautiful right!

I love anything PINK everyone knows I LOVE PINK!!! This weekend I was with her working on a Ni Hao Kai Lan cake and it was just so darn cute. She even hand painted some details on her cake.
Just look at the details she did on my baby shower 2 years ago.

 I thought it was BEAUTIFUL!

Well like I said we were working on a Ni Hao Kai Lan theme. I was smitten over these cakes. I looked like a little kid in a candy shop. I was so excited I had to share it with you all. This will be another New line in our

Do see how just darling these cakes are.
If you need cakes or cupcakes I so recommend her.
Well I hope you enjoyed this Who Love Cake edition.

Have a sweet day,

Maylene and Lourdes
Malu Boutiques

Styled by: Malu Boutiques and Cakes by Ceci
Invitation, Cake Toppers, Chinese Lanterns by: Malu Boutiques
Cake: Cakes by Ceci
Clip Art by: Michelle

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taking a break.....

****** We are taking a break. Catching up on orders from Etsy and from our home town, as well as setting up our new listings. We have a couple of lines coming out. As you saw one already. If you haven't looked go and check out The Vintage Baby Girl Birthday. Also our website that has been under construction and is still going thru a change as well as our blog. Can't wait to show you all the new goodies.

If you have any questions or need anything you can always Email us, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have

As always we thank you all so much for keeping us busy.

God Bless.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Sweets for my Awesome family.

I follow more than 20 blogs. Yes I know that's a lot. At least for me who works full time, being a MOM hero LOL in my own way, and wife (my poor hubby) always helping me out and of course you no the usual house chores, bills and blah blah blah. I love looking at all the beautiful and wonderful blogs the people have. So 4 days till Valentine's I come cross Scrumptious Swirls  with their Brownie Snicker Bites and Toasted Marshmallow. OH MY GOD! This looked awesome and after you eat one you think that you went to chocolate heaven. Well if you know me I like to bake and cook gourmet meals, but LOVE sweets. So I tried to make this delicious dessert for my awesome family who have been just fantabulous in supporting me in my side business.
Can you see why one would want to try this?

Well obviously mine looked nothing like that. LOL My son like the liquid marshmallow instead of the Fluffy one. So what does mom do use the liquid one.

Thank you for sharing your recipe Scrumptious Swirls. It was a delight for me and my family

Vintage Baby Girl Birthday

We have a couple of  NEW lines coming to the shop. This is a sneak peak at one of them. We love the Vintage look and style. There's something about the old that just draws our attention. Aah it's just to cute! I LOVE this line because the little girl reminds me of my little princess. With those big beautiful eyes, chubby cheeks and ruffled butt. It just has me smitten over it. The Vintage Baby Girl line as you will see will be great for both a Baby's 1st Birthday or a Baby Shower. The photographer is Josie from Josie Leslie Photography. She is a wonderful sweet person and great to work with. The other young lady that I met was Carmen from Pom Flair. She was so sweet and was able to rush and ship my order. Thank you to the both of you, for being kind and helping me. Have you pass by these lady's pages? If you haven't you should. You won't be disappointed.
Remember this is just a sneak peak. In a couple of days we will have the full photo shoot.

Styled and Designed By: Malu Boutiques 
Photographed By: Josie Leslie Photography
Pom Pom: Pom Flair

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Scrapper in me.

Like I said I am an obsessive scrapbooker. Here is how I started. I use to scrapbook when I was a teenager not a lot, but a good amount. Then life like always got busy between working full time during the day and going to school full time at night. I didn't have time to scrapbook for a while. I would scrapbook every so often. It's when I met my husband 12 years ago I would scrap more. The obsessive came when I got pregnant with our 1st child 8 years ago. Wow 8 years has flown by. My baby isn't a baby. I started to scrapbook everything and anything. That would be my therapy at night. Especially since my son didn't sleep the night till he was about a year old. I had some LONG...... nights.
Here is one of the pages when my son was about 1 1/2. My craft room started in my bedroom. LOL My hubby was not so thrilled of my putting a table with ribbons, papers, embellishments, etc in the room. This was in 2004 so 2005 came and my back porch was closed to make my office for me and a half space for him ( his TV room) YEAH....... that didn't work out for him. Poor guy I quickly booted him off the island. Ever since then I've constantly been organizing my room. Little by little I have changed it to make room for all of my lovely goodies. I have tons of papers, stickers, embellishments, eyelets, flowers, ribbons, tulle, machines, wow and the list can go on forever.

Here is a picture of the papers still missing a ton, but so you can get an idea.

I love to make simple pages and make complicated ones as well. Hopefully I will soon post pictures of my office once it's done. The final (organized and all pretty) office picture.

Here is a sneak peak at the office looked like a couple of months ago.


Vintage Princess 1st Birthday

We wanted to share with you all one of the birthday parties we working on. Victoria's mom had contacted us a couple of weeks ago to see if we can come up with Vintage Princess Style. Here is a sneak peak at the invitation that we  did for her. Her plans for this party are just divine. This will be an all out Vintage style party. She has even order Victorian style dresses for all of her 3 daughter's. Can't wait to show you the rest of the goodies we are doing for her. I'm smitten over this birthday. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.

Maylene and Lourdes
Malu Boutiques

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Details to our 1st Giveaway

Our 1st Giveaway CONTEST starts tomorrow Friday, February 4, 2011.We are giving away a Birthday Package. All you have to do is refer your friends to our page and they must post on our page Referred by (YOUR NAME) & the person who refers the most people to our page by Thursday, FEBRUARY 10 will win a BIRTHDAY PACKAGE includes 12 invites, 12 tags, 12 thank you cards, and a birthday banner. Prize will be given away at the end of March as we are book for February and the beginning of March. Good Luck!

Maylene-Malu Boutiques