Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wishing for SNOW {Our Christmas}

Wishing for snow.

Every year we do Christmas Eve at my moms house. This year we did it at our house once again,  What a surprise right? LOL we had a wonderful time and my kids enjoyed it to the fullest. They ran around, played on their swing set, and ate lots of sweets.

We live in Miami, FL so our weather is no where near what the North is going thru, but we do wish that we had a little snow, especially on Christmas. So we decorated our table with rolled snow and snowmen.
This all started when my mom and I went to shopping and found Charlie our snowman.
Isn't he adorable? I just fell in love with him.

After taking Charlie home we decided to stay with Charlies color scheme. I immediately contacted Lynlee from Lynlee's Petite Cakes for a smaller version of Charlie, made of  fondant. Her work is fabulous and beautiful as you can see below.

While looking around on Etsy for my daughter's Christmas outfit. I bumped into Julie from Cakes and Kids. I was so impressed by all the designs she had. I wanted a small stocking banner counting down the days till Christmas and she had what I needed. 

The stockings had a number one and the number twenty four glittered on the them. 

One day left till Christmas!!!

When you walked out to our patio this was the image you saw. I was so excited to see what my kids, family, and guest faces were going to be. They loved it and I was pleased.

Our Lollipop banner was something different than what I normally do. I came up with this idea when I stumble on these lollipops in our Christmas boxes. It came out wonderful!

Our Snowman Hat utensil holder.

While at the supermarket I noticed the cover of Woman's Day magazine and saw an idea I liked. Their's was in red and white. It was so inspiring however, we wanted our own twist. So our color were in bright pinks, aqua, red, and green. We also added the word JOY and small Elf's.
It's not easy to make, but it was fun. Our straws and Elf's came from Hey Yoyo.

Our centerpiece for the  dinner table was hand made. The big white poof pom poms are normally hanging tissue pom poms. We decided to use them a little different.

Hand made food labels

We wrapped our cupcakes in our hand made wrappers that had a snowflake design. They were delish.

Some little decorations on our dessert table.

I had seen something similar on Pinterest. They had Reindeer's instead, but we liked the idea and thought it would a nice  to make snowman marshmallow.

Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your holiday seasons with our loved ones.



Melissa C said...

LOVE these bright colors and I agree..too warm for Christmas, now we get a cold front. haha.

Debra {TiTi's TuTu's} said...

Beautiful, Maylene I bet your family loved it! Don't you love it! Shorts on Christmas day and now it'll be in the 40s. ugh!

Malu Boutiques said...

Thank you ladies! They did and my kids had a smile from ear to ear. (Smiling Big) This weather is just crazy. Never fails Hot Christmas and the next day cold as ice. LOL Welcome to Florida.

Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

Oh a Christmas with my favorite colors!!! LOVE IT!!! And I agree, way too warm. Now I need an electric blanket!! LOL

Lynlee's Petite Cakes said...

I absolutely love it, Maylene! And the colors are just gorgeous! Fabulous job! Charlie looks adorable! ;)