Friday, December 30, 2011

NewYear Resolutions and Free Printables

As the year comes to an end most of us find ourselves making our year end resolutions list, the things we want to acquire, the pounds we want to loose, the places we want to go, how organized we are going to get and where we would like to be by the end of the following year. RIGHT!. Then half way through the year cause we live in such a fast paced world we get disappointed.  We have not been able to accomplish some of the things on our expectations list, well this year I have decided to do it differently. I have made a list of the things I did do this past year as small as they may be and be grateful for them. As for the coming year I hope to enjoy everything I have right now cause more is not necessarily better. Just think whatever you’ve got right now even if you think its bad it can always be worst so I believe if you love, enjoy, and are grateful for what you have now. Everything else that you accomplish big or small even if its nothing is just icing on the cake. I laugh cause my mom who is a very silly person by the way, I would ask her how are you? She always responds if I am here talking to you I am ahead of the game. 

Thank you for a wonderful year, I wish you the best for the next and hope you continue to follow.

I leave you with a poem that my mom gave me a long time ago. She has been reading it for years, she keeps it on her computer desk and she also read it every morning while she drinks her coffee. Due to morning schedule I read it at night. Sorry if it’s a bit wrinkled I hope you enjoy it.  Below you will also find FREE printables from Paper and Pigtails.




Again sorry for the wrinkle paper. (Very old)