Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Decoration/Gift Ideas

Wow REALLY only 2 days left till Christmas? Were has the year gone? Just like everyone your probably trying to get your last minute shopping done. As well as getting your decorations ready for Christmas.

Hopefully we can help you with some small ideas. I LOVE Mason jars, but sometimes if you have to buy a few they can get costly. Take a look at your spaggetti jars. Some have a pretty nice shape or design. Don't throw them out rinse and clean them! You can reuse them by adding a hot chocolate recipe or a cookie recipe.  The possiblities are endless. Look how cute these are??

Cookie Recipe

Hot Chocolate with Marshmellows

You can add ribbon, dolie, material, and a small tag with the recipe. There's plenty of different ideas one can do with these jars. So next time your looking at your spaggetti jars think of what we said. Rinse and wash {Wink}

These would be adorable to give out for your gathering.

Aren't they cute?

There also ornaments that you can decorate with your kids and give them as gifts. Grandparents love handmade goodies from there grandkids.

Glitter filled ornaments or

Recycled old Light bulds. These are just darling? I think my kids will get a kickout of painting light bulds.

Your probably planning your meals and cleaning all of your table wears right? You probably can't wait to set up your tables with all of your decorations and foods. This year I'm in love with all the different Christmas Sweet Tables that have popped out this month. Here are a couple of my favorite table scapes. There's just so many beautiful tables that its just hard to pick just one.

I do hope I get to share with you all our Christmas table and decorations around our home. My daughter has been sick. {Sad face} It's hard to get the house ready, finish the decorations, wrap up gifts, and work at the same time.

Hopefully this post has inspired you both in small gifts and table decoration.  If you have any pictures that you would like for us to share with your Holiday decor please send them to 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!



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