Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Sweets for my Awesome family.

I follow more than 20 blogs. Yes I know that's a lot. At least for me who works full time, being a MOM hero LOL in my own way, and wife (my poor hubby) always helping me out and of course you no the usual house chores, bills and blah blah blah. I love looking at all the beautiful and wonderful blogs the people have. So 4 days till Valentine's I come cross Scrumptious Swirls  with their Brownie Snicker Bites and Toasted Marshmallow. OH MY GOD! This looked awesome and after you eat one you think that you went to chocolate heaven. Well if you know me I like to bake and cook gourmet meals, but LOVE sweets. So I tried to make this delicious dessert for my awesome family who have been just fantabulous in supporting me in my side business.
Can you see why one would want to try this?

Well obviously mine looked nothing like that. LOL My son like the liquid marshmallow instead of the Fluffy one. So what does mom do use the liquid one.

Thank you for sharing your recipe Scrumptious Swirls. It was a delight for me and my family