Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Scrapper in me.

Like I said I am an obsessive scrapbooker. Here is how I started. I use to scrapbook when I was a teenager not a lot, but a good amount. Then life like always got busy between working full time during the day and going to school full time at night. I didn't have time to scrapbook for a while. I would scrapbook every so often. It's when I met my husband 12 years ago I would scrap more. The obsessive came when I got pregnant with our 1st child 8 years ago. Wow 8 years has flown by. My baby isn't a baby. I started to scrapbook everything and anything. That would be my therapy at night. Especially since my son didn't sleep the night till he was about a year old. I had some LONG...... nights.
Here is one of the pages when my son was about 1 1/2. My craft room started in my bedroom. LOL My hubby was not so thrilled of my putting a table with ribbons, papers, embellishments, etc in the room. This was in 2004 so 2005 came and my back porch was closed to make my office for me and a half space for him ( his TV room) YEAH....... that didn't work out for him. Poor guy I quickly booted him off the island. Ever since then I've constantly been organizing my room. Little by little I have changed it to make room for all of my lovely goodies. I have tons of papers, stickers, embellishments, eyelets, flowers, ribbons, tulle, machines, wow and the list can go on forever.

Here is a picture of the papers still missing a ton, but so you can get an idea.

I love to make simple pages and make complicated ones as well. Hopefully I will soon post pictures of my office once it's done. The final (organized and all pretty) office picture.

Here is a sneak peak at the office looked like a couple of months ago.