Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our New Logo

Welcome to our NEW  logo! Woo Hoo I'm sure by now you have seen it plastered everywhere. Weeks ago I had contact Michele from Crazy For Design. I have been wanting to change my logo for quite sometime now. When I saw Michele's work I knew that she would be able to do what I wanted. I wanted my new logo to still have my Pink and Brown colors as well as it being chic and one of our new and exciting NEWS is for us to be HOSTING parties as well.  As you can see I'm super happy and excited with my logo. Trust me I think I must of driven her nuts between helping me on my web site design and making sure everything all would flow together it has been an adventure for us. In turn I'm grateful to have worked with Michele as she was very patient and would have fabulous ideas. Thank you once again. If you haven't checked out Michele go now! Crazy For Design

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Let me know what you think! Stay tune as our new website soon be up VERY soon!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Maylene and Lourdes