Friday, July 1, 2011


Our New Line is Inspired by Minnie Mouse

Our Little Model my daughter

First and foremost I would like to say Thank You to all the wonderful ladies and the one man that contributed their talents, items, and time to this photo shoot.

The very talented Bird’s Party for her drink tags and water bottle labels, Shannon from Twirlie Whirlies for her beautiful pinwheels, Bedazzle My Bon Bons for their outrageous glitter chocolates, Claudia from Tiny Posh for her wonderful tutu set and headband, Chelsea from Ribbon Revelry for the great ribbon used in our Minnie toppers, Joanne from Oh Goodie Designs for the perfect straws and last but never least Cindy from Fancy Bowtique for her fabulous bows.  All foods as well as our Minnie Jelly Bean Jars made by Malu Boutiques.

But, if not to bore you I must thank my mom-partner for always being a part of my ideas when she’s not thinking of one herself, my grandmother for keeping the kids busy when all this craziness is going, and to the one man (it’s usually two but my dad was busy that day but he’s got his to do list for the next one),
My HUSBAND- CARPENTER-BAKER- ETC. for all the things he does and trust me, it’s a lot.

I hope you enjoy our new Minnie’s Bowtique line, which will be up for purchase by the end of this week coming at our ETSY store.

Cupcake Toppers, Treat bags, Tent Food Labels, and
Banner Oh Wait!!!! That’s the picture you can’t see, I knew I was forgetting to thank someone our model my precious baby girl who while downloading the pictures from the camera into the computer pressed a button and mommy did not notice until she had erased the ones from the camera.
But really with a face like that, she can charmed the pants off of anyone even me. The banner pictures will be up with the rest of the items at our etsy store.

Please enjoy the pictures.


Do you like this bowel? Well I can tell you it's very easy to make. All you need is a paper plate and ribbon. A tutorial will be up soon for this.

Thank you for following us we will be bringing out three more lines before the end of July (we are trying to publish them sooner but we have been pretty busy getting out our placed orders but it’s all good) if in the meantime you need anything in particular write an e-mail and we will be more than happy to assist or design for you.