Monday, July 11, 2011


Under Contruction!

This year my son requested instead of a party to go to his favorite place the Lego store in Orlando, but we couldn’t go without doing at least a family gathering.
 I can't believe that it has been 8 years. Where did the time go? Awe my baby boy is a BIG boy as he says.
He is very much into building so what better theme than a construction site we were lucky to be able to acquire the necessary props that would bring it all together.
I love seeing my son's face when it comes to surprises. We are grateful to still have my grandmother (his great grandma) alive. I think that this picture says a million words. The bond that these two have is AMAZING!

He was so excited. Then of course it had to do with LEGOS and Video Games. What a boy. The next face he made was towards my mom. If there was a show called  "The Silly Willies" they would be the stars of that show. When these two get together they become the most silliest people in the world. Their love is inseparable.

My daughter throughout this hole gathering was saying "let me see" and "ooh aaa". She even wanted to dress for the occasion of course her big brother was dressing up as well.

Aren't they just darling? I biest I'm the momma.

Well after we played around and took lots of pictures. My daughter went to her room and said "mami camisa" Which in her dictionary it means please help me get dressed. So she wanted ladybugs. Lady bugs it was. I smitten by my children.

For this occasion I had contacted Maureen from Anders Ruff Designs to see if there was anything that she could do for my son's birthday. When I went on to her Esty store and saw that she had a tractor invitation and thought "how cute tractors."  A great big thank you to Anders Ruff for the wonderful printable design cupcake toppers, door sign and tags. It was a pleasure working with her.  

There are my two construction works.
I love idea that we were able to hang the {Men working} sign from our wall unit as well as laying the yielding sign on our table.

The goodie bags were filled with some trinkets. They had bubbles, crayons, a small note pad, and a small paddle with ball. Perfect for summer fun.  

The cupcake holder was set on top of four cones with a hard hat sign, a tool belt was used for utensil holder, a dumpster truck held the goodie bags and the rest was a big load of fun with close family and friends.

These cupcakes were made by his madrina Ceci of course. They were dulce leche for the adults and chocolate chips for the kids.

Some of our family guests.

  Hope you all have enjoyed these pictures. We had a blast having everyone over. Thank you all for wishing him a Happy Birthday and making time to come over to celebrate his 8th birthday.

Stay tune as we have lots of wonderful things happening within the next couple of weeks and months. From baptisms, to baby showers, a Hawaiian party for twin girls, birthday's. and more

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.



Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

Looks wonderful Maylene! Sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful time!

Malu Boutiques said...

Thank you Michele!!

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