Monday, June 27, 2011

French Poodle Madison's (6th Birthday)

Finally I'm able to post about Madi's Birthday. Yay!!! This picture was the night before where mommy, Tia Michi, daddy, abuela and I were getting the party ready. I had to post this picture. Isn't it adorable? Madi is like a 2nd daughter to me. I was super excited when I found out 6 years ago that I was going to be a Tia. I love my Madi.

The party had many different designers. The invitation was made by one of our friends Michelle. Isn't it a cute invitation? Michelle also has an Etsy store with pretty printables called Mod Pod Designs. Check her out.

Each girl as they walked in received a flower for their hair. Everyone had a different type and color of flower . We came up with this idea from my Parisian party. We thought how pretty would it be if everyone would wear a flower like I did in my Parisian party. If you haven't seen the party or the flower headband here is the link to see it. "Night In Paris". All the girls looked adorable.

There were alot of details as you walked in, the poodle illustration on the door sign was designed by one of my favorite party girls. Michele from Crazy for Design. This is my favorite poodle design. We wraped the sign in marabou and glued the poodle design on to a scrapbook paper. The ribbon read Ooh La La and the sign said "Welcome to Madison's Party" in French.

Mommy and I liked the idea of the lights but since it was a day time party the lights would be hard to see, so we came up with flowers instead of lights. Between the flowers above and the balloons on the side of the fence. It felt so Ooh la la as you were walking.

The back of each chair had a hanging cone. Each cone had a pink ribbon, a poodle design topped off with a piece of marabou inside they were filled with popcorn.
The cones were so hard to keep still because the day was sooo windy down here, but it looked beautiful.
I LOVED how it  all came out.

We had all the tables and decorations underneath a tent. All around there was tulle and a few lights. The topiaries were the centerpieces of the food and dessert tables. Both were made with marabou, ribbon, clay pots, and puff balls. The chandelier that you see is actually a crown hung upside down. We found this at Home Goods another favorite store of ours. I love how it came out. Do you see the small cart on the left side of your screen? It's holding the utensils. When it comes to the time for plates and utensils it's hard to display at times. So Ceci came up with idea of making a small cart for them.

Her banner had glitter letters and of course marabou. Can you tell I love it. You see it every where. Do you see the pinata on the right of the screen. Ceci designed it. It's just fabulous. I love how all of her pinatas can be used for decoration till they are put to use. We had a few sweets for the guests to have. Marshmallow pops, guava pastries, chocolate lollipops, starburst, chocolate kisses, and ambrosia salad. The salad was made by Madi's  grandmother. 

Candy Jar Labels Designed by Malu Boutiques.

This is the ambrosia salad. It was delish. All of these beautiful food tent labels were designed by once again Michele Crazy for Design. Have you seen her store yet? 

This lady needs no introduction. Genevieve from Celebration today The superchick way is another party fave. Have you seen all of her fabulous designs? Her ideas are just wonderful. I love how she added the little pom poms to the kones.

Each goodie bag had a poodle necklace, a small note pad, a trinket, and  luggage tag.

Aren't these girls just adorable?

 All cakes were designed by Ceci. She made 5 small different cakes. They all had different flavors and just looked beautiful.

 All the girls were busy designing their own bracelets. Ceci's aunt had a ton of different beads, jewels, and rhinestones for the girls to use. The girls had such a wonderful time. It kept them busy for at least 2 hours. Between designing and making. It was a lot of fun.

 Madi's bracelet finished. My little doll face.

All the girls saying cheese.

This is Jojo Madi's dog wearing a tutu. Adorable right?

Hope you all have a wonderful day Monday.


Thank you to
Styled and Designed by : Malu Boutiques and Ceci
Cakes by Ceci: Ceci
Invitation: Mod Pod Designs
Poodle Illustration: Crazy for Designs
Pom Pom Kones: Celebration TODAY


Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

So many posh details! It looks so lovely! Thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad I could play a small part in this sweet party with the tent cards and poodle. Thank you and great job! (love the flower strands instead of lights-great thinking!)